William Young Brady, born in 1869, devoted his life to documenting the descendants of Hugh and Hannah Brady; until his death in 1959. He started contacting the eldest first to get their recollections of our pioneer ancestors so that he could record their memories of them and the ones that
had been passed down to them from their parents. This information provided the links to very legitimate information about our ancestors in the 1700s. This kind of first and second hand information would have been impossible to document if William had not taken on the task at that time, and left it for future generations to figure out. He knew the importance of the families history and the duty of preserving it for generations to come.

Since then, through the tireless works of Donna Cuillard and others to bridge the gaps since 1959 until and beyond the new millennium, thousands of Brady descendants have been documented. The Brady Genealogy now boasts of approximately 7,000 descendants in a massive database diligently maintained by Bill Kleinecke. We are in debt to Bill and all of the others who have worked tirelessly to accurately document our family.

Descendants of Hugh & Hannah Brady


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